Thursday, July 3, 2014


Members from left: Bom, Minzy, Dara and CL

I have a new found love for K-Pop, it's not everyone's taste but these babes are so fashionable and have so much Korean swag it's not funny. I've always been a fan of Asian culture constantly having a new anime on the go and eating way too much ramen.

The name 2NE1, pronounced to anyone or twenty one, combines the phrases "21st century" and "new evolution". The group formed in 2009 with a label called YG Entertainment who also have PSY signed to their label, which most of you would know (Gangnam Style). The members include CL (Lee Chaerin, 이채린) as the front girl who is my favourite followed by Dara (Park Sandara, 박산다라) , Bom (Park Bom, 박봄) and Minzy (Gong Minji, 공민지)
They almost remind me of Gwen Stefani's harajuku girls back in the day when her album L.A.M.B (Love. Angel. Music. Baby.) came out in 2003. Their music videos are so entertaining to watch, the costumes, hair and makeup are all done perfectly. Below are my fave clips from their newest album "Crush".

I'm a serious fan of these mega babes.

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