Saturday, February 8, 2014

MSFW Emerging Designer Exhibition – Presented by Yering Station

Veronica Lei Chen
This collection was my favourite, the detail that has gone into these gorgeous pieces is amazing. I love the texture the fabric has created and the white makes it such a statement. Absolutely beautiful.

Matcho Suba
I will admit I wasn't a fan of these pieces as much as others, BUT having a look on I honestly think that this man is a genius. I adore his Chernobyl Spring / Summer 2013 collection, the use of leather and awesome shapes in the structured skirts is so amaze!

Chris Ran Lin
These were awesome, Chris Ran Lin describes his design as “plays with the juxtapositions between minimalism and extravagance". Great shape and texture really bringing the garment to life. LOVE.

Freyja Ronngard 
Definitely something different, I'm all for weird stuff and liked her take on society's ideas of 'Needs'. "Each basic need is dedicated to an outfit. Those essential needs: Shelter, Air, Water, Food, Intimacy, Protection and Sleep are the ideas to influence the material, cutting and construction properties."

Nixi Killick 
Loved loved loved. Super psychedelic and such a statement. I'm a sucker for buying pieces that are so out there and sometimes a little hard to dress with other garments but her collection is really affordable and isn't to harsh on the wallet.

Melbourne Spring Fashion Week presented a new designer exhibition held at Yering Station in Yarra Glen. The grounds were beautiful and the architecture was superb, perfect place for a wedding, the weather was perfect too! Very enjoyable Saturday :)

Much love Mads x

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